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AIRBLANC, obtained different certifications such us:

  • Maintenance Organization Approval Part 145 Dirección General de Aviación Civil española.
  • EASA Certificate Reference ES.145.237.
  • Approval of RENFE Nº (DCC) -JPR-IC-4.980 / JMN Nº 0000540.
  • Homologation of IBERIA Nº 1775P.

In addition to being a maintenance center, EASA 145.237, we sell all the textile material: foam rubber, fireproof fabric necessary for aircraft and trains (all with its corresponding certification).

  • FAR-25853.
  • EN-45545-2, DIN 5510,Norma DB ( BN 918 428) 16601.

The biggest beneficiary of this change will be the Aeronautics Market itself, since it is already possible to directly contract, without intermediaries, the fabrics / leather, carpets, foams and clothing, and upholstery, and interior fittings.

AIRBLANC  is at your disposal to carry out your orders with the philosophy that has placed us in a privileged position in the market:

  • An unbeatable price-quality ratio.
  • A careful customer service.
  • The most scrupulous compliance with delivery times.
  • A raw material and confection of the highest quality.
This is the certification
This is the certification

Let us show you some works that we have done

Humbly, we know what the client needs and we always listen and attend to all their requests. The results guarantee us


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We create any type of upholstery that you need,

We are manufacturers, designers and dreamers

If you do not have the pattern, Airblanc has true professionals capable of designing a prototype from the metal armchair adapting the cover to the image of the Company.
The foam rubber lining, the fireproof cover, the position of the fastening Velcro, seams and cuts, will be designed taking into account the areas to be reinforced, so that the useful life is extended, and therefore your investment will be maximized.
We carry out the whole process: you can supply the fabric or we choose it for you, both making your pattern or designing it ourselves, that is, adapting completely to your needs.

Let us help you and get in touch with us, we assure you of seriousness and commitment

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